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Josh Face Pashmina Scarf

Josh Face Pashmina Scarf

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Time to level up your fashion game while flaunting your love for Buffalo Football. Presenting the "Josh Face Pashmina Scarf," a quirky, chic addition to your fan wardrobe. This isn't just a scarf—it's a wearable love letter to our favorite quarterback, Josh Allen.

This pashmina, adorned with a repeating pattern of Josh Allen's face, serves as the ultimate conversation starter. It's as captivating as Allen's game-changing plays, guaranteed to keep you warm and your style on point—just like how Josh keeps the Bills' game heated and unbeatable!

The Josh Face Pashmina Scarf brings a fun twist to Bills fandom. It's a style statement, a tribute, and a nod to the humor of the Bills Mafia, all woven into one! Perfect for those who understand that supporting the Bills isn't just about cheering in the stands—it's also about carrying a piece of the team wherever you go.

Imagine sporting this scarf on a breezy day, turning heads as you pass, leaving a trail of envious, delighted fans in your wake. It's not just about battling the chill—it's about wrapping yourself in a sense of camaraderie and humor that defines the Bills Mafia.

So why opt for a plain, mundane scarf when you can wrap yourself in the Josh Face Pashmina Scarf? This scarf isn't just about warding off the cold; it's about unabashedly flaunting your love for the Bills and our stellar quarterback, Josh Allen. After all, who said being a fan couldn't be fashion-forward? Elevate your style game, Bills Mafia! Go Bills!

Our lightweight, super soft pashmina is semi-sheer and finished with a raw edge; it perfectly complements a seasonal look. The pashmina is versatile as a big scarf and can work as a shawl.

Size: 73.5″ X 27″
Material: 100% Polyester
Care: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry

Ships from the USA

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